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“Well Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Bonapartes!”

Lev Tolstoj
These words, uttered by Anna Scherer in July 1805, mark the beginning of War and Peace by Tolstoy. This quote takes us back in time: a time when the independent Republic of Lucca, occupied in 1799 by the troops of the general Sérurier, became the kingdom of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister, and of her husband Felice Baciocchi in 1805,
after five years of French regency. They ruled Lucca for five years only, but their reign shook the foundations of political and social life of the Republic of Lucca. The principality introduced many innovations that struggled to be accepted by the sober and hard-working people of Lucca, who had always been used to freedom and self-government.

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The city enclosed by tree-lined walls

It has been called the city with one hundred churches, the city of Giacomo Puccini, the city of Elisa Baciocchi, or even la città dall’arborato cerchio, the city enclosed by tree-lined walls, by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Lucca goes by many names, and so many are the paths and itineraries to discover while visiting the city.


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